bambi (__cuesta) wrote in love_that_gallo,


does anyone know where to find the video for "honey bunny" the one with paris hilton?
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i remember him mentioning that video in an interview but i never knew it was something he really released.
I have it and I could send it to you through AIM
I'm not home right now, but if you respond to this...I'll send you an AIM message next time I'm home and on the same time as you
Its on

type in vincent gallo.

to download an audio clip of vincent on howard stern, click here
I would like to drill that little slut into submission.
how did you manage to post that? you're not on my friends list?!?!
i have that in my journal too... i didn't realise it was in the gallo group!
god, i hate her.
This guy looks like a "wanna be" junkie and smells like a pile of dog shit. he can't act and is full of himself.